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How to Unleash Ultra High Availability and Zero Downtime Maintenance with Distributed PostgreSQL

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    Watch this exclusive webinar where we dive into how organizations can ensure data availability and uptime, no matter the circumstances.  Whether you're an IT manager, database administrator, or developer, you will learn how to apply the power of distributed PostgreSQL to power applications that are always on and always available.

     In this webinar, we'll explore the techniques to achieve uninterrupted database operations. See how multi-master logical replication across a distributed PostgreSQL cluster guards against network and data center failures while supporting green/blue upgrades for zero downtime maintenance.

     Our experts will demonstrate how to:

    • Setup and manage multi-master (active-active) replication
    • Assure continuous access to your databases, even during network or hardware failures
    • Integrate local synchronous read replicas for intra-region failover 
    • Simplify cluster management for hassle-free operations
    • Easily upgrade to PG15 or 16 without downtime
    • Scale to meet growing demands with ease

    Register today to discover how distributed PostgreSQL empowers you to achieve Ultra High Availability (UHA) and perform Zero Downtime Maintenance effortlessly.


Ibrar Ahmed

Ibrar Ahmed, Software Engineer at pgEdge

Ibrar Ahmed is a Principal Engineer at pgEdge, with expertise in PostgreSQL core development. With an unwavering passion for database systems and 17 years of dedicated experience in PostgreSQL development, coupled with 22 years in the field of software development. 
Throughout his career, Ibrar has  contributed  numerous performance enhancements and his expertise spans database performance analysis, optimizing query execution efficiency, and adeptly identifying and remedying performance bottlenecks.  Ibar is a frequent speaker and has authored multiple authoritative books on PostgreSQL.


Mike Josephson, Software Engineer at pgEdge

Mike "MJ" Josephson is an experienced technical advisor and team leader with a proven track record with clients of all sizes including Fortune 500. Works to assist customers in the evaluation, implementation and scaling of new technologies - delivering enterprise class solutions. MJ is passionate about Customer success, mentoring his teams and focused on ensuring value for his customers. As he likes to say "For it is in the successes of my customers that I am likewise successful."

Unleash Ultra High Availability and Zero Downtime Maintenance with Distributed PostgreSQL