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Rapid Deployment of Globally Distributed PostgreSQL for Low Latency and Unbeatable Availability

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    Are you ready to dive into distributed PostgreSQL and explore how it empowers you to deploy globally distributed, edge applications that are always on, always available and always fast? In this webinar see how easy it is to get up and running with a distributed Postgres cluster using pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition.

    In this session, you’ll learn:

    • The core use cases that benefit from deploying PostgreSQL in a multi-region or even multi-cloud environment.

    • The value of asynchronous logical replication architectures tailored to meet the specific needs of applications requiring a global footprint.

    • How easy it is to deploy a distributed PostgreSQL database in seconds without costly infrastructure or resource investment.

    • How to Integrate with multi-region compute such as Cloudflare Workers or AWS Lambda.

    Whether you're navigating the challenges of global distribution or optimizing for responsiveness, this session equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to architect robust, distributed applications using PostgreSQL.  

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Phillip Merrick

Phillip Merrick, CEO and Co-Founder at pgEdge

Software developer by background, with multiple inventions in daily use by millions of people. Successful entrepreneur, technologist and CEO, specializing in enterprise software and cloud/SaaS markets in the USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific.  Co-founder and/or CEO of webMethods, EDB, VisualCV, SparkPost,  Fugue and pgEdge.  Led several companies from initial startup phase through IPO and beyond, as well as three successful exits in the 9 to 10 figures range. Served in multiple public and board positions. 

Curtis Myzie

Curtis Myzie, Vice President of Product at pgEdge

Formerly VP Engineering at cloud security leader Fugue (acquired by Snyk). Previously CTO of Advanced Simulation Technology inc.

Rapidly Deploy Distributed Postgres with Low Latency and Unbeatable Availability.